No Vape?

Here at blue sloth CBD we get asked often by wholesale and retail customers why we didn't formulate a vapor product when we came up with our line. Certainly there are many others out there, and people seem to buy them, so why wouldn't we offer one?

Well, the truth is, we have medical backgrounds and we don't think we know enough yet about the effects of 'vaping' on the lungs. We have seen patients and colleagues suffer a wide variety of ailments that could be related to 'vaping' various substances and the fact is that we don't want to take any chances that something we would produce would harm one of our customers or friends.

There is not enough research to support a positive conclusion one way or the other, so we are abstaining from supporting something we aren't sure is safe or healthy for lungs. If and when that research comes back and we can be sure that vaping is a good alternative, we will certainly reconsider, but for now we encourage you to try one of the many other methods for incorporating CBD into your life.

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